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One of the nations leading racial profiling experts dr brian withrow who has successfully defended more police officers and agencies against racial profiling accusations than any other on record spotlights truths and misconceptions about racial profiling what it is and what it isnt steps you and your agency should take to avoid and defend against racial profiling accusations advice the racial profiling controversy in america has been about the use of race in suspect profilingopponents have claimed that racial characteristics have the potential for being abused and on that grounds should never be used proponents claim that in some cases members of minority groups commit proportionally more crime than other people and on that grounds say race should be usedwithout question there are obnoxious officers out there and some officers may ignore their training and target minorities but since the advent of video cameras in patrol cars installed in the wake of the racial profiling controversy most charges of police racism testified to under oath have been disproved as liestimcast has not yet monetized their account but you can still support bitchute thank you for supporting timcast please consider also supporting bitchutethe racial profiling controversy is now about a decade and a half old and has developed into a bona fide research agenda hundreds of police departments have conducted studies and scores of researchers have written articles and books on the topic the controversy came to prominence during a high profile litigation involving the new jersey state police

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